Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Google Mail Telephone Support, Gmail Customer Service Phone Support Scam


If you ever had a problem with your Gmail or Gmail Business email account and wondered if Google offers free or paid tech support for Gmail customers?

Chances are you googled Gmail telephone support and came back with a handful for hits with toll free numbers like (855) 227-3084 or (800) 941-5251

If you call the aforesaid number you’re going to get a life support that will want to get paid up-front for an incident. We’d get different quotes per incident depending on the person you get to talk to.

We were quoted $150 and the technician claimed that our Google Business account was infected and it’d take an hour to have it cleaned.

It's a scam and you want to stay away from all impostors.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LogMeIn - Security Notification - Patch available! - Fake Email Altert with a Link to Malware

If you received an email from with a Subject: Security Notification - Patch available! it's a fake with a link to zip file ( most likely contaning malware.

Don't download the file and delete the email permanently!

Message Body:

Dear client,

You are receiving this notification because you have chosen LogMeIn software as the remote control solution of your business.
We have been informed that a remote execution vulnerability exists in the LogMeIn software, allowing attackers to compromise a successfully exploited computer.
An emergency patch has been released, in order to reduce the potential successful attacks and fix this issue.
The patched computers will be secured against this type of attack.

The emergency patch can be downloaded from the following:

It is strongly recommended that you apply this patch on all computers where LogMeIn is installed, as soon as possible.
If you are not on the computer where the software is installed, you can save the patch to a flash drive or to a CD, and then you can run it on the computer that has the problem.

Regards, Support

(Please do not reply to this email, as it's sent from an address that's not monitored.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Any time & Any where IP Surveillance for Your Life default password

 If you happen to have a DVR system and want to access it remotely via Any time Any where  IP Surveillance for Your Life web interface you may be wondering what the default username and password for the supervisor account is.

Since that information isn’t included with the manual and bunch of web searches rendered NOTHING, I decided top post it here.

Username: admin,
Password: admin

H264 Streaming Viewer from AV TECH

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Craigslist account holders beware - Phishing Alert!

If you have a craigslist account you may have received an email notification about your account suspension. The subject line may read as follows: Account Suspension Notice.

It seems to come from ( where in fact it's a spoofed email.

If you click on the link in email you will be taken to a phishing site:

Not surprisingly the screen you're looking at, seemingly resembles craigslist's account log in page.

DON'T enter your craiglist account info, as it will most likely be compromised!

The real craigslist account log in page has a valid SSL certificate present on the page:

Further, if you look up whois info on: you get the following info.
The domain registered at Tucows appears t short-lived, as it was just registered yesterday - see below:

Domain ID:D158970743-LROR
Created On:24-Apr-2010 14:23:28 UTC
Last Updated On:24-Apr-2010 14:23:29 UTC
Expiration Date:24-Apr-2011 14:23:28 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
Registrant ID:tuuErU8rzJ0f7Ftt
Registrant Name:John Davie
Registrant Organization:John Davie
Registrant Street1:Yarmouth St, 20
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:boston
Registrant State/Province:US
Registrant Postal Code:02108
Registrant Country:IT
Registrant Phone:+39.16179876617
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:tubljOcclTkGd8g1
Admin Name:John Davie
Admin Organization:John Davie
Admin Street1:Yarmouth St, 20
Admin Street2:
Admin Street3:
Admin City:boston
Admin State/Province:US
Admin Postal Code:02108
Admin Country:IT
Admin Phone:+39.16179876617
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:tu5dx2oY82l8wI3t
Tech Name:John Davie
Tech Organization:John Davie
Tech Street1:Yarmouth St, 20
Tech Street2:
Tech Street3:
Tech City:boston
Tech State/Province:US
Tech Postal Code:02108
Tech Country:IT
Tech Phone:+39.16179876617
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

Enough said?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SPAM sent though Skype. Spyware, malware or virus?

This message just popped in Skype chat window today:


ATTENTION ! Security Center has detected malware on your computer !

Affected Software:
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
Microsoft Windows Win98
Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Impact of Vulnerability: Remote Code Execution / Virus Infection /Unexpected shutdowns

Recommendation: Users running vulnerable version should install a repair utility immediately

Your system IS affected, download the patch from the address below ! Failure to do so may result in severe computer malfunction.

Not surprisingly, the information rendered from whois database query makes it clearer that it’s not so legitimate site, just by looking at demographics and the registration date.

WHOIS information for:
Visit for more information about

Registration Service Provided By:

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
Andrej Kazanski
Andrej Kazanski

Pod Nahorjem 150
Prague, CZ 44300

Administrative Contact:
Andrej Kazanski
Andrej Kazanski (
Fax: +420.2495614
Pod Nahorjem 150
Prague, CZ 44300

Technical Contact:
Andrej Kazanski
Andrej Kazanski (
Fax: +420.2495614
Pod Nahorjem 150
Prague, CZ 44300

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 09 Sep 2008 10:39:09
Expiration date: 09 Sep 2009 10:39:09

What is it?
It appears to be another rouge program posing as security scanner. Scam!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things you need to know before even considering 1and1 as your web hosting company

For some is probably old news that 1and1 hosting isn’t the best choice around for your business hosting and it might just be worth as a fart in a windstorm. I’ve heard some even say that 1and1 hosting sucks and not to use it for anything and so on.

I have been using 1and1 since around 2001 or so and I have a couple of hosting packages with the, one so-called 1&1 Professional Linux and 1&1 Business Package which I use for static sites hosting.

I have had may hiccups along the way and tolerated them somehow, but today's experience made me realize that I need to look for a new, reliable hosting company.

One of my sites’s been running very slow throughout the day and towards the end of the day I started to get network timeout messages and internal server error 500, etc. Eventually the site became totally inaccessible. No access via FTP either.

Now, even though the affected site isn’t mission critical yet, the fact that it was down for a few hours reflects negatively on the company, not to mention that it’s bad for search engine reputation.

Major problem with 1and1 technical support:

• When calling, especially after business hours, the chances are that you get transferred to their call center in India and these guys usually are not much help, except for documenting your case, opening a trouble ticket and escalating it at best
• Naturally, they’re never able to give you any ETAs for any problems
• Oftentimes the technical support staff you interact with doesn’t seem to have much of a tech background and who don’t know what they are talking about
• A couple of times I’ve been called names other than my own while communicating with tech support and just tonight I received an email follow-up to an issue that didn’t pertain to my account. That only tells me that tech support personnel somehow mixed up my account information with other customers. Scary. Eh?

Web hosting packages offered by 1and1 are surely cheap, but the quality of their technical support continues to suffer despite all of the customer satisfaction surveys that they send around after closing every trouble ticket.

You get what you pay for.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Onforce discriminatory practices???

If you never heard about Onforce, they claim to be an online platform / marketplace that connects computer repair services and IT consulting professionals with the consumers needing those services. They work across the US and Canada.

Well, we decided to give it a shot and join just to explore the endless opportunities for business growth and just for networking possibilities. We signed up back in 2007.

A part of the provider account setup process is that you add your skills, verify any pertinent computer certifications and take their online tutorials about the service. In order to have your service profile activated you have to complete their platform 101 training and exam online. In essence, this platform 101 and 102 it’s just series of simple questions pertaining to their service features, rules, etc. Surprisingly they don’t even have their own credentialing system and use online survey service to collect and store this info. I found this very odd, especially that they call themselves a platform.

Long story short, I added all of my pertinent computer certifications (Microsoft, Comptia) to my service profile and to my astonishment I hit a roadblock when attempting to “pass” their 102 and 102 tests!?!

I followed their procedures to the T, took their online tests though survey monkey and after having waited a week I decided to follow up since there was NO signs of any confirmation of tests. I contacted them via email and they responded pretty promptly, but the robotic email just advised to go through online training and complete the platform 101 test AGAIN!
I emailed them back asking if they had any records of my test results, but I didn’t hear back at all. Oh well.

After a week, I took the bullet and decided to take the 101 test again and in order to get to it you have to go though the tutorial again. So I took another 30-45 min to do so. Then took the test and this time around I saved the survey monkey URL, which seems to be unique.

The very next day I followed up via email simply to ask if they received results of my test, but I didn’t get any replies this time. Go figure.

Perhaps what had happened to me is an isolated incident, but based on my experiences I will NOT recommend Onforce to any IT company or individual.

Coincidently, I stumbled upon Ripoff Report website on which there’s quite a few reports from various sources about Onforce being a rip-off, not treating its members fairly. Here’s just a few heading just to name a few:

• OnForce, Computer Repair, Jeffrey Leventhal, Ripoff Does Not Pay Contractor Taken For Large Amount Of Money New York New York Internet
• Rebuttal Onforce DO NOT USE ONFORCE EVER Lexington Massachusetts
• OnForce Blows No way can you make money with them ripoff New York New York
• OnForce ripoff Shady Unqualified Techs Internet

Take a look.

Update: 10/06/2008

Shortly after making this post (less than 24h) I had received a few apologetic follow-up emails from Onforce staff offering help with activation process. Not only they offered help with expediting activation of my profile but they have also acknowledged the failure of their training authentication system.

Frankly, I was surprised how seriously the issue was taken (at least how it was expressed in emails) and how many people were personally involved to eradicate the problem. That tells me that someone listens.

It didn’t take more than 12h and I received an email from Verification stating that my Onforce profile was active and available to buyers creating Work Orders. I just wish this was a bit easier :)

Let’s see what happens next.