Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Any time & Any where IP Surveillance for Your Life default password

 If you happen to have a DVR system and want to access it remotely via Any time Any where  IP Surveillance for Your Life web interface you may be wondering what the default username and password for the supervisor account is.

Since that information isn’t included with the manual and bunch of web searches rendered NOTHING, I decided top post it here.

Username: admin,
Password: admin

H264 Streaming Viewer from AV TECH


  1. which DVR is using this software? where can i find it?

  2. Lot of the lower end, Linux based DVR units utilize this software. 3bay is flooded by them.

  3. Thanks soo much, havent logged on for 6 months, and needed this

  4. why from 1 day i dont got that capcha imagine and i can't login !!!

  5. could anyone tell me how to save detection changes, when I go into detection, camera 1 and make a detection change and hit save, it dosen't and reverts back to the previous setting?